Simply Beans is proud to now supply our amazing capsules in biodegradable capsules.

Our capsule producers had spent a lot of time in the testing and performance of the biodegradable capsule to ensure they have the same if not better performance versus the previous plastic version.

The key difference is that they take days to compost rather than 100’s of years.

Plastic and aluminum capsules could take anywhere between 150 years to 500 years to break down but the Biocap will biodegrade within 180 days in a normal landfill.

Biocap biodegradable capsule is a composite material obtained by transforming cereal plants to replace petro-chemical based plastic making them 100% biosourced and 100% biodegradable. Biocap capsules meet the European Standard EN13432 for packing waste. The capsules are heat sealed for mess-free ease of use with lids that are also sourced from biodegradable materials.


  • 100% bio-based
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Food contact approved
  • Nespresso Machine Compatible
  • European Standard EN13432 for packaging waste

These capsules feature a classic fresh shot of espresso with character and intensity combined with a thick film of creme.

These capsules feature a classic fresh shot of espresso with character and intensity combined with a thick film of creme

For best results when using our Biodegradable capsule in your Original Nespresso® machine:

  • Please check that the capsule container and drip tray are not full. If so empty.
  • It is recommended to flush your machine prior to inserting
  • Ensure that the previous capsule has been correctly evacuated before inserting a new capsule
  • When loading ensure that the capsule is correctly seated in the slot before the closing group. Closing the group on a capsule that is not seated properly will cause it to be crushed
  • Evacuate immediately after use to prevent capsule sticking in the group
  • Our capsules are plant-based and biodegradable and therefore the material will begin to soften with extended exposure to heat and moisture. On rare occasions, it can become temporarily stuck in a machine. If this happens, use the back of a small spoon to gently allow the capsule to fall.

NOTE: On occasions, excessive heat can impact performance. This typically can occur when the machine is used to extract more than 3-4 capsules in quick succession causing the temperature of the group to increase. This can cause the capsule to sell more than normal and not eject properly. If this happens, turn off the machine and allow to cool. Once the machine has cooled, you can continue to use your capsules.

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